Cash is the past. SEJF payments are the future.

The SEJF mobile app is a modern, safe and reliable tool for cashless payments anytime and anywhere. Only with the SEJF app can you pay for parking tickets, purchase public transport tickets or entry tickets.
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The widest variety of transport and parking tickets right in your pocket.

Find a connection and buy a ticket

Do you often travel by public transport?

If yes, then the SEJF app is the perfect partner for you. We offer the widest variety of fare purchasing options in the Czech Republic.

What’s more, with the SEJF app, you have a handy public transport journey planner right at your fingertips. In short, all you need in one app.

Pay quickly and without searching for a parking meter

Has this ever happened to you?

You finally found a parking spot, and now you have to find a parking meter, input the registration plate number, select the parking period and pay.

But there is a better way to do this

With the SEJF app, you can pay for parking with just a few taps and even extend the parking period remotely.

Try it and you will never again have to waste your time with a parking meter.

All entry tickets in one place

Do you like travelling and sports?

With the SEJF app, you can purchase entry tickets to sports facilities, swimming pools, lookout towers or cross-country skiing trails.

Why use SEJF?

Quick and safe purchases

Save your card details on the payment gateway and pay for transport, parking and entry tickets comfortably, quickly and safely.

Anytime and anywhere

The SEJF app will free-up your purse, backpack or pockets. For running errands, cultural events or business trips. Simply anytime and anywhere.

From now on, no more fines

The SEJF app can notify you that the validity of your parking ticket is about to end. Turn on this notification, and you can avoid unnecessary fines and enjoy a visit to the theatre with the money you save.

Try SEJF on your mobile phone

Your comfort is our top priority

With the SEJF mobile app, you can pay with whichever method suits you. And that’s because we offer the widest variety of mobile payments on the market. Just choose the one that is the most comfortable for you. Your payments will always be quick and safe with any method.

Thanks to our partnership with the biggest mobile operators in the country, you can use, for example, m-payment. The amount for the purchase will either be deducted through your phone from your credit or included in your monthly billing.

m-payment Premium SMS

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It's a great parking app. I don't have to look for a parking meter and can conveniently pay from my car.




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